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Search Engine Marketing

Missing out on the google economy?

Advertise with instant, measurable results to customers specifically looking for your product or service.

Google Adwords, and others.
Search Engine

Fine tune your website so people will find your website "organically" for free on search engines like Google.

Keyword Research: What keywords are people searching for, that aren't being used by your competitors?

Social Media

Email Marketing: Newsletters, promo notifications, etc.

Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Linked In, etc.

Blogs, forums, YouTube videos, flicker photo sharing, craigslist.
Landing Page

Improve your conversion ratio!

Getting people to your website is one thing. Getting them to buy or do what you want them to do is another.

Try, test, measure, change, try, test, measure, change...

  1. I know all the tools available for online marketing today. I keep learning in this always changing marketing and technology world.
  2. I love online marketing as a marketing medium and I get excited about measuring results, conversions ratios, ROI's, tracking, statistics, data, etc.
  3. I will cost less than other providers because I have little overhead. I'm a freelancer and will outsource to my trusted team on demand as needed. This company structure naturally allows me to charge less.
  4. I'm fast and efficient. No corporate slow turnarounds.
  5. I communicate very well and will understand want you want. I can also speak in non-industry terms in a way that a normal person will understand.
  6. I'm willing to travel where you are.
Why Online Marketing
is the best marketing tool:
  1. There is no other marketing medium that allows you to measure effectiveness as good as online marketing.
  2. You can track and measure every online marketing effort to know EXACTLY how much it cost you to make the effort and EXACT profit gained by each effort. This gives a crystal clear transparency on your ROI (Return on Investment).
  3. Because of easy tracking and transparency you can ramp up certain efforts that generate profit and stop efforts that don't.
  4. You can target customers that are actually LOOKING for your product or service right now. This is a huge advantage over trying to make people see information about your product that aren't necessarily looking for your product.
  5. You can target customers based on all sorts of attributes such as their physical location, age, gender, profession to a much more accurate level than other marketing mediums.
How can I help?
Online or Internet Marketing
breaks down in these 6 categories:

  • On Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Making changes to code in your pages, and text in your web pages to increase chances of people finding your website when searching on google, yahoo, msn, etc for certain keywords. This also includes researching the most effective keywords.

  • Off Page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    The second half of search engine optimization is getting your website listed on other websites such as online directories related to your business, or participating in blogs and forums. These links are called "link backs". The more you have the better. But also matters how popular and related the websites you get your link on are.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    This is the pay per click type advertising. You pay a search engine such as google to show your ad if a web surfer searches for a certain keyword. And then you pay for each time they click.

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
    This is using social applications such as facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter, Blogs, Forums, etc. to connect with customers and potential customers and also spread the word about your company. There are many ways to utilize this marketing tool and you must select a method that makes since to your unique business.

  • Online Advertising Listings
    Similar to off page seo, but the goal here is to get your message in front of people who will click on your ad and go to your website from there. This would include posting ads in places like craigslist, backpages, etc.

  • Landing Page Optimization
    Not really advertising, but an integral part of this process by which you are constantly optimizing your landing page to convert the potential customers who arrive at your website as a result of all your online marketing efforts. The higher your conversion percentage is the more you get out of your advertising expenses.

I provide setup and management of all these services.

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Do you have a product or service to sell?

Are you missing out on the new Google Economy?

Have you not tapped into the growing number of consumers searching for their products and services online?

I can help you achieve those goals.

Whether you just made your website for your business or you've been online for years, I can help create or improve your online marketing, web marketing, and internet advertising.

You can target your online marketing and advertising to your local area or nationally or globally and world wide.

Online marketing has proven an exciting and effective mode of advertising than the traditional advertising mediums from the past. Efforts can be tracked and measured like never before. Calculating your ROI is easy. Initial investment can be very minimal at first. When you can see the conversion ratio and the return on your investment on a smaller scale, then you can ramp up from there.

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